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"Curtis Creek" by Bebo Norman
From the album "The Fabric Of Verse"
Words and music by Bebo Norman
Copyright © 1996 Bebo Norman
Transcribed by T-rev

DADGAD capo 4 (or capo 2 + 345-partial-capo 4)

DADGAD       partial
5x0000   G   3x00OO (O = open)
222000   Em  C220OO (C = partial capo fret)
x32030   C   x3201O
054000   D4  O540OO
000200   D   O002OO
4x0000  /F#  2x00OO

VERSE   |G   Em     |C   D4     |G   Em     |C   D      |
CHORUS  |C     D4   |G /F# Em   |C     D4   | (back to verse riff)
BRIDGE  |C     D4   | 5x

Transcribed 10/26/2000 by T-rev
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We planned to leave early and to pack unheavy 'cause
  the truck was getting full
But the same old fear at the end of the year wouldn't let us leave so soon
The Blue Ridge Mountains were calling the rain was falling
  the wind was in our faces
And above the sound of the engine I found us arriving at those place

I've heard you say a thousand times that we could never leave this town
But where were you last night when the sun went down

The rain proved steady and our packs wore heavy with the weight of our survival
The woods rand loud with the love of our God and the sound of our revival
The summer wind turned colder as the day grew older
  the night would soon surround us
The Curtis Falls had a view of it all as the snow fell all around us


I was singing alone you were standing on the side
And the water so warm as you walked the mountainside
And you washed my feet and cried

Well the days passed quickly and our time was over
  three souls the same in sorrow
But the reds and rain put an intimate stain on the start of our tomorrow
And soon our pieces will scatter in a world of anger the only thing to free us
Is the part of man that we don't understand that found a place between us


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