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"Come, Lord Jesus" by Andrew Peterson
From "Carried Along"
Music and lyrics by Andrew Peterson
Copyright © 2000 New Spring Publishing (ASCAP)
Transcribed by T-rev

Capo 2.  Gabe actually plays the first two verses on a high-strung guitar.  The
third through sixth strings (EADG) are the small strings from a 12-string
guitar, so they are an octave higher.  This gives a distinctive sound, but the
cool thing is that you can play the song on a normal guitar and use exactly the
same chord fingerings, though it of course sounds a bit different since some of
the notes are an octave lower.  I play this song on a normal guitar with the
capo covering the bottom 5 strings to get the extra bass note.

x22432  Bm
x02200  Aadd9
320033  G
x00230  Dadd9

Tonight in the line of the merchandise store
                              A   G
While they were packing up my bags
I saw the pictures of the prophets of the picket signs
Screaming, "God hates fags"

And it feels like the church isn't anything more
Than the second coming of the Pharisees
Scrubbing each other 'til their tombs are white
They chisel epitaphs of piety

Oh, there's a burning down inside of me
                           Bm  G  D  A
'Cause the battle seems so lost
And it's raging on so silently
                     Bm  G  D  A  G
We forget it's being fought

    D                       G
So, Amen, Come, Lord Jesus, Amen
    D                       G
Oh, Amen, Come, Lord Jesus, Amen

It's taken me years in the race just to get this far
                         A                 G
Still there is no end in sight, there's no end in sight
'Cause I've carried my cross into dens of the wicked
And you know I blended in just fine

Well, I'm weak and I'm weary of breaking His heart
With the cycle of my sin, of my sin
Still He turns His face to me and I kiss it
Just to betray Him once again

Well, I've got oceans down inside of me
I can feel the billows roll
With the mercy that comes thundering
O'er the waters of my soul

Tonight in the light of the gathering rain
I could hear creation groan
And a sigh rose up from the streets of the city
To the foot of Heaven's throne

Oh, and the people hear the sound of a sweet refrain
An absolution in the fray, in the fray
It tells of the death of the One for the lives of the many
More than any picket sign could say

Transcribed 4/30/2000 by T-rev
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